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Welcome to winter.

05112832calendulawithfrostIt’s happening all across the country.  The freezes are coming.  Maybe your garden is already gone, or unless you’re in a very warm area, it soon will be.  The photo at left is by my favorite photographer, Don Paulson. (Visit his website, DonPaulson.com, for a treasure trove of award-winning photos.)  In this one, he captured the very moment every gardener experiences when you wake up one morning and find frost on the flowers.  It’s a rare moment of beauty, but the end of your gardening for awhile.  This photo is of calendulas, caught by the frost in full bloom.  Any experienced gardener knows that as soon as that ice melts, the flowers will melt too–dead and gone.  But I try to look at it as a time to rest–the garden rests and so do I.  And of course, the day that happens is when any good gardener begins planning and dreaming about how great everything will be next time…”Wait’ll next year!!”

December 2, 2008 · Ray Allen · Comments Closed
Tags:  · Posted in: Gardening in Fall, Gardening in the Winter