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Our exclusive bulbs from the Biltmore Estate

copy-of-wg_house_springcmyk1For several years now, American Meadows has been chosen as the exclusive interet supplier for the special bulbs (spring and fall) chosen by the garden staff at No. Carolina’s world-famous Biltmore Estate.  Called “The World’s Largest Home”, Biltmore House is the creation of the George Washington Vanderbilt family in the spectacular mountains near Asheville, NC, and is today, one of America’s most popular attractions. Each year, the gardeners who tend Biltmore’s 8,000 magnificent acres choose several bulbs for spring, and several for fall.  These bulbs are used in the manor house gardens, and also made available for prod_dahliajamaicayours.  This spring, my favorite is a dahlia name “Jamaica”, which has a dazzling almost camellia-like bloom in stunning red and white.  Another knockout this year is Dahlia “Tahiti Sunrise.”   We have Biltmore Bulbs among our Dahlias, Glads, and Lilies, and each one is outstanding.  Take a look at our Biltmore spring page here, and if you can visit this spring, plan a visit to Biltmore House at their beautiful website.

February 2, 2009 · Ray Allen · Comments Closed
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