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Now is Iris planning time.


1277958_1Have you been seeing the big beautiful Bearded Irises in bloom?  They’re finishing their lavish show right now in most of the country, and as any good gardener knows, plan today for a year from now.  Fortunately, they’re on sale at Half Price right now, for a limited time, so you can save as you plan.  Our bareroot Bearded Irises ship in August, and the discount now at 50% will be falling to just 35% soon.  Stocks are full, so take a look, and get them into the ground.  Then next year in late spring and early summer, you’ll have a spectacular iris rainbow of your own.

All about Bearded (or “German”) Irises.  The name? Iris was the Goddess of the Rainbow to the ancient Greeks, and the flower itself was the symbol of kings and queens throughout history.  Today, very few plants bring more glamour to the garden with so little work.  There are new hybrids every year, and we have some of the best in our sale right now.  Just plant these tall beauties once, and they’re there every year, with expanding clumps.

June 17, 2009 · Ray Allen · Comments Closed
Tags:  · Posted in: Flower Bulbs, Gardening in Spring and Summer, Perennials