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Archive for July, 2009

The latest, greatest Hydrangeas

In working up the products for our all-new list of Flowering Shrubs for fall shipment, I learned a lot.  I knew there were several kinds of hydrangeas (some native), but the big news in recent years is about the colors.  Among the “mopheads”, the most popular group, everyone has seen the pastel pink and stunning blue hydrangeas in […]

July 19, 2009 · Ray Allen · Comments Closed
Tags:  · Posted in: Gardening in Fall

The Goddess of the Rainbow

Who was Iris? You guessed it.  To the ancient Greeks, she was the Goddess of the Rainbow.  And no wonder.  Just take a look at the magnificent Bearded Irises we now have on sale. “Immortality” is the classic white, and one of everybody’s favorites.  But “Orange Harvest” (third row) and “Monet’s Blue”(top row) are our most popular.  […]

July 13, 2009 · Ray Allen · Comments Closed
Tags:  · Posted in: Flower Bulbs, Perennials