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Order your Tree Peonies early.

We’ve got them coming in this spring, and the earlier you order, the better.  Our Tree Peonies, the fabled garden treasures, come direct form China, and you’ll want yours as soon as they arrive.  They’re excellent plants, fully branched, and shipped from the Orient bare-root, packed somewhat like bare-root roses.  If you’ve never grown them, you’re in for one of the biggest thrills in flower gardening.

If you live anywhere in Zones 3 to 7, you know all about Garden Peonies, but Tree Peonies are totally different.  They are larger-flowered, and don’t die down in the winter.  That’s right.  They lose their leaves, but not their stems.  Of course, they don’t really grow into “trees,”  but instead, they’re shrub-like, getting larger every spring, and giving you more and more flowers.  And what flowers they are! Imagine a regular garden peony, and then imagine the flowers at least twice, maybe three times as large.  Tree peony blooms often measure a full foot across!

These rare plants are never cheap, but ours are great values, especially if you order early.  In that case, you’ll be receiving yours as soon as they arrive from China..and you’ll have a choice of  purple, white, red, and even the rarest ones, in yellow and orange.  For more photos and a brand new “How-To” page on these legendary beauties, take a look at “The Tree Peony, Worldwide Garden Centerpiece.” And make this the year you add one or more to your garden.  To see them all click here, and scroll to the bottom.

March 19, 2010 · Ray Allen · Comments Closed
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