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Think Spring: Preparing Your Soil

Customer PhotoLike children, plants need a healthy environment to thrive and mature to their fullest potential. As spring is just around the corner, or already here for many, it is time to prepare your soil for planting. This is a simple and fulfilling process and your plants will thank you (with their beautiful blooms or delicious crops) when they have just the right environment to grow.

Soil Test KitThe first step is to do a soil test. Testing your soil is extremely important for two reasons. It will tell you if your soil is perfectly healthy, preventing you from unnecessary tampering. It will also let you know, if needed, how to amend your soil to make sure you are providing the best growing conditions for your plants.

PH Test – This test will determine the acidity of your soil. A test result below 7 means that your soil is acidic. To raise the PH of your soil, try adding limestone – most packages will tell you how much to add to increase your PH to the correct levels. A test result above 7 means that your soil is alkaline. To lower the pH of your soil, you can add things such as sulfur, compost, pine needles, or pine bark. This will help to add some acidity to your soil.

Customer PhotoThe other three major elements of healthy soil are Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potash. Nitrogren is the element in the soil that is responsible for healthy, green growth. Phosphorous is vital for healthy root development. Potash is essential for producing healthy, vibrant blooms. We carry three different fertilizers that will help to balance these three elements, giving your soil the best nutrients for your plants or vegetables to thrive. Try our Bulb Care Fertilizer, Organic Flower Fertilizer, or our Organic Vegetable Fertilizer.

Customer PhotoWorking and adjusting your soil several weeks before planting will improve the nutrients and make it the perfect environment for your precious seeds or plants to grow!

For more information on improving your garden soil, read our article “Improving Garden Soil.”

Happy Gardening!

March 16, 2012 · Amanda Shepard · Comments Closed
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