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Update: Planting Fall Bulbs in our City Garden


Lily Flowered Tulips, Grape Hyacinths & Double Late Tulips

This past fall, my friend Jintina and I layered hundreds of fall bulbs in our city garden bed. We patiently waited throughout the winter months and once spring came, along with it came a rainbow of beautiful blooms! I captured pictures of as many different blooms as I could (there were new varieties blooming each day) and am happy to report that our layered planting was a gorgeous success!

In October, we planted Triumph Tulip Bulbs Purple Passion Mix, Wild Crocus Bulbs Minimus, Grape Hyacinth Bulbs Delft Blue Mix, Butterfly Daffodils Bulbs Mix, Triumph Tulips Pretty in Pink Mix


Allium, Pretty in Pink Tulips & Grape Hyacinths

(Which you can see vividly in one of my photos), Lily Flowered Tulip Bulbs Mix, Double Daffodil Bulbs mix, Large Cupped Daffodil Bulbs Misty Glen, Double Late Tulip Bulbs Horizon, Anemone Blanda Bulbs Mix, Large Cupped Daffodil Bulbs Flower Record, Wild About Allium Bulbs Mix, Single Late Tulip Bulb Mix, and Dutch Crocus Bulbs Mix. We added some Bulb Care Fertilizer in as we planted, gave it a good water afterwards to remove air pockets, and we were done!

A lot of bulbs for a tiny garden, right? We took advantage of the different planting depths of each

Lily Flowered. Double Late Tulips

Lily Flowered Tulips & Double Late Tulips

variety of bulbs and did a “lasagna planting.” Read my blog “Planting Fall Bulbs in Our City Garden” to learn how to layer fall bulbs in a small space for huge color – There is even a video!

Although some bulbs fell prey to animals such as hungry squirrels, we were overjoyed with the splash of color that was ever-changing throughout the early spring.

Happy Gardening!


Allium, Purple Passion Tulips & Pretty in Pink Tulips

June 15, 2012 · Amanda Shepard · Comments Closed
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