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Is it a Butterfly? Is it a Daffodil?

Butterfly Daffodil Vanilla PeachButterfly Daffodils are a favorite in the spring garden for their stunning double centers, frills, and unique color combinations that resemble a butterfly. They are a knockout both in the garden and cut for spring bouquets. Try planting a group this fall for an elegant, whimsical show in mid spring.

We have several beautiful varieties available for this fall. Butterfly Daffodil Vanilla Peach’s name says it all – its magnificent bi-color blooms are scrumptious enough to eat! Soft, vanilla blooms surround frilly, peach pink centers for a rich, romantic statement in the spring garden. Double Daffodil PoetsThe Butterfly Daffodil Orangery boasts flattened centers that create two tiers on each each bloom, with a wonderful contrast of bright orange and white. Can’t decide on one variety? Try planting our Butterfly Daffodil mix, comprised of 8 beauties that will burst with complimentary color this coming spring.

Accompany your whimsical Butterfly Daffodils with Double Daffodils, which have a very similar look to the Butterflies. Double Beauty’s large, creamy yellow blooms turn to rich orange in the centers. Cheerfulness (white) and Yellow Cheerfulness are gorgeous doubles with a Butterfly Daffodil Mixwonderfully-sweet, gardenia-like scent. Bring a variety of double, gorgeous color to your spring garden with Pink Paradise and Peach Swirl. Double Daffodil Poet’s is one of the classics with stunning, white blooms that are elegant and frilly.

Butterfly and other Double Daffodils not only bring a fresh splash of color and cheer to the spring garden, but are extremely easy to plant and well worth the wait through the winter months!

Happy Gardening!

July 31, 2012 · Amanda Shepard · Comments Closed
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