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Planting Wildflowers in a City Garden

Planting WildflowersAs the fall season flew by (It’s December already?), unfortunately I did not get a chance to add more spring-blooming Bulbs to my garden beds. I garden in a zone 5 and my ground is a bit too frozen to dig up. Despite this (inexcusable) procrastination on my part, I still want to experience the wonderful excitement and anticipation throughout the winter months of new, colorful blooms in the early spring. Sure, I will still get the cheerful blooms of the Daffodils, Perennial Tulips and Crocus I planted last season, but I want more!

As the ground temperatures are low in my area and the above-freezing weekend melted the snow from the ground, I decided to plant a variety of annual wildflowers on top of my existing bulb beds for a rainbow of gorgeous color in the spring and summer months.

Choosing my Seed: Was easy. I used our All Annual Mixture because of the variety (23 different Wildflowers) and the fact that it will bloom from early spring into late summer. I am thinking of completely re-doing these beds next fall, so I chose a mixture I knew would not return year after year.

Preparing the Area: I was lucky that there was not much existing growth on the beds before I planted – It was freezing out, so I tilled and raked a little to get the rogue grass out and smooth the surface as much as possible.

Planting HelpSowing the Seed: My friend Jintina (and my dog Ophelia) stepped in to help me with this task and we switched off between using a Handheld Seed Spreader and simply throwing the seed out by hand. The area is not large, so I would recommend either method if you are planting in a smaller space.

Stomping: We then walked, or “stomped” on the seed to press it into the bare soil.

Voila! I can’t wait until my Daffodils and Tulips have finished blooming this coming spring and the stunning wildflowers take over with their gorgeous color. I ordered a bit too much seed and sprinkled what I didn’t use in the median by my house – Hopefully passers-by will enjoy the blooms as much as I do!

Happy Gardening!

December 5, 2012 · Amanda Shepard · Comments Closed
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