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White Blooms Go with Everything!

DaisiesLooking for a versatile color to unite your garden beds? White-flowering plants not only add an elegant feel to your garden and help to cool it down, but also illuminate in the moonlight, creating a romantic glow in the evening hours. Also, you can find almost any plant in white, so gardeners have a large variety to choose from.

Cool your Garden Down

White flowers help to cool the garden down, especially when planted with oranges and reds. The cool, delicate color can sometimes even reflect those around it, adding another visual element to your garden design.  You can see how white blooms help to cool the garden down in both of the photos below.

Phlox David and Coreopsis

Phlox and Coreopsis

Tulips, Wild Mustard and Siberian Wallflower

Tulips and SIberian Wallflower

White Goes with Everything!

If you’re having trouble figuring out the color scheme in your garden, try starting with several white plants that you love and work from there. Looking to mix things up but not sure how? Plant a variety in its well-known color, along with the white variety. An example of this is below, with Purple Coneflower and Coneflower White Swan. Daises are a garden favorite that often brighten up any color scheme.

Purple Coneflower and Coneflower White Swan


Another popular white flower that can help to unite the garden is the white Daffodil. You can find white Daffodils with all different-colored trumpets, which help to both calm the spring-blooming garden down and also unite a wide variety of colors together.

Daffodils and Bleeding Heart

Daffodils and Bleeding Hearts

Create a Moonlight Garden

Combine your favorite white flowers with variegated foliage plants and fragrant blooms for a multisensory experience. IrisesFor a more dramatic effect, section off one area of your outdoor space to create your Moonlight Garden. Put a table or bench in the middle of the garden so you can sit and enjoy its beauty in the evening.

Moonlight Gardens are wonderful because you can literally choose any of your favorite fragrant or white flowers – there is no right or wrong. You can even make your entire garden illuminate in the evening hours by planting white flowers throughout, so each garden bed reflects some light from the moon. To learn more about creating a Moonlight Garden, read our blog here.

Browse all of our white varieties below and don’t forget to post your garden pictures on our Facebook wall. Happy Gardening!

White Wildflowers

White Fall-Planted Bulbs

White Perennials

White Fall-Flowering Crocus

White Amaryllis

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