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Maximize your Blooms this Summer with a Regional Wildflower Mix!

The Seed Man shares with us why our Regional Mixtures are so popular.

Did you know that our regional mixtures have about 300,000 seeds per pound?  That’s a lot of wildflowers.  In fact not only is it a nice blanket of annual color in the first growing season, it’s a long standing display of perennials for the second and successive seasons.  This is one of the many reasons why our regional mixtures are so popular. 
Wildflower Mix
With most mixtures containing over 25 different varieties, we’ve formulated them to give you blooms all season long, starting in late spring through fall.  We’ve taken the guess work out of it.  Did I also mention it’s the best bang for your buck too?  If you were to buy all these species separately it would cost a lot more money. 
Wildflower Mix
All of our seed comes with full planting instructions and we also have our very helpful planting video you can view below as well.  Give us a call or ‘Live Chat’.  I love talking wildflowers and we’re here to help!

For over 30 years we’ve been helping people establish wildflowers all across the world!  Help the pollinators, cut down on mowing and enjoy endless color all season long.  Whether you want to add more color to your meadow or trying wildflowers for the first time, our regional mixtures are guaranteed to provide beautiful flower for years to come.

Happy Gardening! – The Seed Man (Follow the Seed Man on Facebook here)

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