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Getting This Bee Thing Straight: An Ecologist’s Views On The North American Bee Population

A wild honey bee hive near our test gardens sparked a variety of questions about the rarity of this type of hive, the difference between native and non-native bees and what role gardening plays in all of it. We spoke with horticulturist Dr. Leif Richardson about the North American bee population and what we can do to help.

October 19, 2015 · Amanda Shepard · 2 Comments
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Pollinators: Bee the Change!

The disappearing Bee population is not only devastating for their species, but for ours as well. Yet, what do pollinators actually do and why is it important to help them? I’ll answer these questions, as well as give tips on how to help the different species of pollinators below.

June 28, 2013 · Amanda Shepard · Comments Closed
Tags: , , , ,  · Posted in: Flower Bulbs, Gardening in Fall, Gardening in Spring and Summer, How-Tos, Perennials, Wildflowers